Electrolyte Pro Powder 250g

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Our Electrolyte Powder is strongly recommended for anyone seeking help with rehydration during exercise.

If you are in the gym, playing sport or training in warm weather and find yourself sweating excessively then your electroyte supply is running on empty and you will likely start feeling weary or getting cramp.

Simply mix our Electrolyte Pro Powder with water of fruit cordial for an excellent & cheap electrolyte drink.

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  • Contains all the essential electrolytes
  • Helps with rehydration
  • Ideal for warm weather training
  • Ideal for people who perspire excessively due to vigorous exercise
  • Helps prevent cramping

Sodium Chloride
Potassium Chloride
Calcium Lactate
Magnesium Citrate

Nutritional info
Per ¼ Scoop (800mg)
Sodium 426.22mg
Calcium 78.68mg
Potassium 255.73mg
Magnesium 39.34mg


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