Soya Protein

Soya protein powder is the most popular of all the vegetable-based protein supplements.

Our great value Soya Protein Isolate is ideal for those following a high protein / low carb diet.

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Soya protein powder is an excellent low-fat high quality protein source.

It is highly recommended by nutritionists as it offers a host of excellent health benefits, and is an extremely helpful weight loss aid.

Not only does it contain all eight essential amino acids alongside the non-essential amino acids, making it a complete protein; it also includes highly valuable, well researched plant components named isoflavonoids.

For those who want to lose weight, taking soya protein powder on a daily basis has been shown to help reduce both subcutaneous and abdominal fat; and when combined with an exercise regime and a healthy diet, the results can be extremely advantageous

Our Soya Protein Isolate Powder is a great choice if you need a vegan protein source. Also as it is a lactose free product it is ideal if you have an intolerance to milk products.

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