Egg White Protein

Our great value Egg white protein powder is a premium quality protein ideal for anyone seeking to attain overall health & fitness, enhance body tone or build muscle mass and strength.

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Egg white protein powder is a highly effective, premium quality protein. It is recommended by nutritionists as it boasts one of the highest protein efficiency ratios there is; and houses a complete profile of essential amino acids, along with glutamic acid, and branch chain amino acids.

It is excellent for everyone, both physically active and inactive; and is a winner for those who want to enhance their body tone and silhouette, assist the everyday processes of the body, attain overall health and fitness; and pursue body building goals, as it is proficient in building muscle mass and strength.

This form of protein powder is readily absorbed into the body once it is in the system, and is perfect for people who would like all the benefits of egg whites without having to consume the cholesterol and fat that is stored in the yolks. Not only is egg white protein powder naturally low in carbohydrate and fat, it is also lactose-free. Additionally, it incorporates certain amino acids that contain sulphur, and these work to accelerate the hormonal pathways.

Egg white protein powder has a medium-release time span, and after digestion there is a substantial increase in the levels of amino acids in the blood plasma which produces a strong muscle building reaction. Research shows that this is due to the superior concentration of the essential amino acid leucine.

Egg white protein powder can be taken at any time, and is particularly good to have in the morning as well as in-between meal times. It is also favoured before and after a workout, and lessens recovery time post workout because it is rapidly absorbed in the body. In addition, due to the attributes of egg white protein powder, you may be able to take part in more difficult and intense workouts without going through the downtime in-between.

Also, if you are following a weight loss program, white egg protein powder is a brilliant way to get a kick start: it is devoid of carbohydrates, is cholesterol and fat-free, and houses an impressive spectrum of vitamins and minerals in a natural form.

Try our unflavoured egg white powder – high quality protein at an incredibly cheap price.


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