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Whey Protein for Women

Whey protein powder is one of the most potent supplement strategies for women. This is because it helps excess weight loss, increases muscle mass, decreases total cholesterol while raising good cholesterol; and is the highest thermogenic food available, meaning it burns away most calories. Whey protein keeps your metabolism running high throughout the day, and can easily be made into a delicious shake or added to meals and snacks. As it is a protein it will help to keep you feel satisfied for a longer period of time than other food groups, so it can play a part in weight loss.

Not many people realise that the more muscle their bodies have, the more calories they burn. Whey protein helps your body switch on an activity known as ‘protein synthesis’: this is responsible for building new muscle, so taking a protein supplement powder will not only allow you to increase muscle more readily, it will also ensure that you maintain the muscle mass already there; this is because when you lose weight it frequently results in muscle loss. So, if you want to get the sculptured toned body that you desire, supplementing with protein and taking part in regular strength training is the optimum route.

Protein Supplements for Women

Casein protein powder is also very popular with women owing to its gradual release of amino acids (protein constituents); and egg protein powder which is thought to be akin to whey for invigorating muscle growth, is a great non-dairy alternative, and excellent for anyone who is lactose intolerant.

Vegans and vegetarians have the option of soya protein powder, which like whey casein and egg contains the full spectrum of amino acids.

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Other great supplements for women include: A-Z Multivitamins and Minerals which is a first-class insurance to ensure that you are receiving the full spectrum of nutrients, and Glucosamine sulphate to support and repair your joints and cartilage.

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