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Supplements make up an extremely valuable part of an overall program for successful weight loss for both men and women. We offer a wide range of products targeting weight loss and fat loss – including:

Whey Protein for Weight Loss

Whey protein has now become very popular for people who have their sights set on weight loss and a more toned physique. It is regarded by professionals as the best dietary route to aiding weight loss due to its thermogenic properties which use up nearly all its calories: so if you incorporate whey with your meals your metabolism will remain elevated all the day.

Additionally, whey and the other protein powders we offer can help you build up your lean muscle mass which means you will burn more calories.

Our protein supplements will also help you to stop feeling hungry between meals, so the upside is that avoiding the snacking that you are accustomed to can result in substantial weight loss. 


Caffeine for Weight Loss

Caffeine is well known for burning up calories from food which revs up the body to produce heat and energy. Its stimulant properties also ward off drowsiness, meaning that you can carry on exercising or doing other normal everyday tasks for longer; and have the energy to do something you otherwise wouldn’t, such as walking to the shops. It also acts as a temporary appetite suppressant, so in all respects it creates a win-win situation for helping you to to keep fit and achieve weight loss by increasing activity and warding off hunger pangs that lead to snacking. Our Deluxe Nutrition Caffeine Tablets are one of our most popular products for men and women.

CLA for Weight Loss

CLA is an organic lipid which belongs to the healthy fatty acid group. Taking it in supplement form has become a a regular practice with people who want to take positive action to control their weight. This is because once it is absorbed by the body’s fat cells, it has the power to break down excess fat and expel it into the blood stream so that it can be naturally released. Supplement with our CLA softgels in conjunction with a healthy diet to succesfully accelerate the fat burning process.

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