My transformation – with Kim

I’ve always been sporty throughout school, sixth form and University.. Being the captain of all the school teams and taking part in a different activity every evening! However, the social side of University sport took over with the ladies football team and the going out began to be a lot more fun than the playing part. Without realising, I was now leading a really unhealthy lifestyle with a lot of beer and takeaways- although I did have great fun and wouldn’t change my student days for the world! My post workout nutrition has now gone from a bargain ‘£5 beer & burger’ in the student union to a Deluxe Nutrition protein shake and a banana!

Here’s a picture of me before I got on the health kick!

And my sports team…

In my last year of University I started getting my fitness bug back, I shaped up my nutrition and started the Insanity Workouts every morning before lectures. When I moved home after graduating in 2013 I began training regularly and my New Years Resolution for 2014 was to achieve my goal body. I began tracking my nutrition and training 5-6 days per week. I have learnt so much throughout this time and I’m still continuing to everyday through reading and training with different people.

I always had a dream of competing on stage one day, but never thought this would become a reality. I contacted a friend of mine at JW Training who help me with my nutrition, I got myself into good shape in 2014 and this gave me the bug for competing the following year after a little encouragement from friends and family.

In 2015 I was very focused on achieving my goal and booked my place in the British Natural Bodybuilding Federations Central Championships on the 19th July! I gave myself a 20 week preparation period, making small changes over those next few months rather than a drastic change nearer the time. At the 4 week out point I booked a fitness photoshoot with GR Photography (Glenn Richardson), this was an amazing experience and I’m so pleased to have these photos. It helps keep me motivated when I see how far I have come. I then went on to compete and came 3rd in my first ever competition, I’m so excited to make the necessary improvements and do even better next time!

This transformation has taken just under 2 years, it’s a slow and steady change. I’m a strong believer in being patient for results and setting yourself lots of little goals in order to reach your ultimate one! It’s pretty simple, just good nutrition, dedication to training and making small improvements along the way 🙂

I also have some life news and am delighted to tell you that I’m engaged! This came just days after my first competition, so it really was an amazing week. I’m now on a mission to get wedding ready for our wedding in 2016…so watch this space!!

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