Meet our new ambassador – Sam Conley

Get to know our newest ambassador, Sam Conley! Sam is a Personal Trainer & Advanced Nutrition Specialist from Northern Ireland. Here are all the things you need to know about Sam…

What have been the proudest moments of your career history to date?
Undoubtedly winning Mr Body Transformation Ireland and then Europe this year in my first two shows. I proved to myself just how far I’ve come on my journey.

What are your fitness plans for this next year?
I’m competing again in September and then it’s straight into planning for the 2016 season. I’m hooked now. I’ll work on even more detail on my strong body parts my shoulders and my back. Put some size on my arms, not happy with them yet!! Ukbff definitely in my sights for next year.

Do you have you heart set on any particular goal for the future?
I just want to stay healthy and strong, continue to love and thrive on my training and nutrition and compete at the highest level I can.

Which Deluxe product would you recommend to others and why?
I love the 100% Whey!! I’m so fussy about protein!!! Partly because I like to know that at all times I’m putting the best possible nutrients into my body but also because I’m actually really sensitive to protein. The bloat and spike just make it not worth the discomfort. Enter 100% Whey delighted with the quality, the ingredients and above all I’ve zero bloat, amazing protein!!! The fact that it also tastes amazing and is such fantastic value for money is a huge bonus!!! Get on it!!

What do you value above anything else and why?
My principles. I’m an ” All in or all out ” sort of guy!! No half measures. I’m very very passionate about my training and nutrition plus those of my clients. I’m blessed to do this job. It’s about so much more than money. I frequently turn clients away who don’t have the commitment I demand. I walk the walk, not just talk the talk!! We have responsibilities to live the lifestyle we advocate I take that very seriously!!

Which person has influenced you most in your life?
My amazing partner Cathy. Never has anyone had such belief in me!! She knows me inside out and without her constant encouragement I’d not be a PT, I wouldn’t have completed my nutrition specialisms and I’d certainly never have gone on stage!! She pushes me real hard when we train and always knows how to get the best out off me. We all need a rock, I have the strongest!!

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?
“If it doesn’t challenge you,it won’t change you!!”. Too many people sitting in comfort zones, wondering why they don’t see results…the magic happens in those 2 extra reps, that 5 kg more!”

What is on your bucket list that you haven’t got round to doing yet?
I’d love to see New York. Christmas time would be cool.

What is your perfect way to unwind on a weekend?
A big training session with my prep coach in Belfast, then St George’s Food Market ( I’m always working lol) and then Cathy and I’s favourite hotel, the Culloden. I just instantly relax the second we check in!!

Not many people know this about me but…
I’m extremely shy!!! People see the no-nonsense Pt, see me giving talks to rooms full of people around the country and of course compeng this year. They assume I’m a complete extrovert, brimming with confidence, I’m so not! I’m really passionate about what I do so I guess that kicks in!! Room full of people NOT talking about nutrion and training I’m the quiet guy stuck in a corner!

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