Why tennis is good for your health

With Wimbledon in full swing, Tennis is the sport of the moment in the UK – so we thought we would bring you some key tips on why Tennis is so good for your health!

Full body workout

A game of tennis will ensure that you work your entire body.

With its emphasis on quick, explosive movements, requirement for strength and endurance, tennis is practically a cross-training work out.

Whether it’s running for the ball, raising your arms for serving or bending down for starting, a game of tennis will have you using nearly all your muscles.

This makes it a great calorie burner!

At your leisure

You can play tennis at your leisure, either with a partner or in a pair – or even practice your skills by hitting a ball against the wall or with a ball machine.

Tennis can be a relaxed game to play with family and friends, or if you find yourself rapidly improving, you can join a local club and start competing in matches.

All you need is a racket, ball and court – so it’s an easy sport for all to enjoy, and you can play any time you like.

Aerobic fitness

Tennis is a great way to build up your aerobic fitness and endurance.

Running all over the court in a stop-start motion will help to build your aerobic fitness, whilst side-to-side movements and sprints for the ball will help your speed.

Games of tennis can last for several hours, so if you find yourself playing for a long stint of time, your endurance will also begin to build.

Co-ordination and Balance

Tennis can be the ultimate helping hand in terms of improving your co-ordination.

Moving into position and then adjusting your upper body helps to improve co-ordination, and you can hone your hand-eye co-ordination by spotting the ball and moving accordingly.

It also improves your major and minor movements of the body, providing you with a higher degree of control over these movements.

You can also improve your balance skills by stepping back into place after hitting the ball and righting yourself after a low hit or powerful serve.

Brain boosting

Tennis can boost your brain!

This is because during a game, you need to stay focused, devise strategy and make split-second decisions.

You can also try and assess what your opponent’s next moves are going to be, so this keeps your brain on high alert.

Researchers say that a combination of the focus, tactical thinking and physical challenge of tennis helps produce new blood vessels to the brain and also grow new brain cells.


Tennis is also a fun and social game for all.

Whether it’s a relaxed singles game or a doubles match with friends, you can make the game as competitive as you please.

Club tennis is also a great opportunity to play games with a variety of different people and push your abilities to the next level.

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