My first Bodybuilding competition – with Kim

I can’t believe that my first competition is now all over, although I was prepping for around 20 weeks that time has flown by! I can safely say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and would love to do another one next year.

During the ‘peak week’ leading up to competition day, I met with my coach three times in order to really see what changes needed to be made. Although most of the hard work is done by this point, small changes and following the right plan will really help with the final image. I met with him on Sunday before (1 week out), he then gave me a nutrition plan covering me until the Wednesday, this was fairly high in carbs still. Due to having carbs in my whole prep, it was not necessary to cut them out. My shape at this point was on track, but Nick knew he could make adjustments to bring me in fuller on the day. I then met with him on the Wednesday where he said he could see big improvements even within the last few days. He altered my diet to try and bring my body fat down slightly and tighten my physique, calories were kept the same but my protein was upped slightly and carbs were reduced in the evening meal. Over these next few days I really noticed my body changing!

I finally met with him the day before my comp, I was nervous to hear what he thought, I was fairly tired due to being on a hen do the night before, although I did stay on track as I stored my last meal of ‘apple and rice cake’ in my clutch bag!!! Thankfully he was really pleased with the progress I had made, he altered my diet through removing some fats and bringing the carbs back in. I then got given my competition day diet plan which I was very happy with, FULL OF CARBS! Yum! So I was all set to get tanned up for the big day. This was an experience in itself, using the popular ‘Dark As’ competition tan, my boyfriend covered me in 2 coats and it was certainly dark as!! I made myself jump whenever I looked in the mirror.

So the plan was to get up at 5.30am and eat my chicken and potatoes to put me a meal ahead of everyone! By the time it came to competing, I had already eaten 4 meals and had a coffee, I felt great! You see so many of the competitors acting like zombies on the day of competition where they are too afraid to eat and bloat out. It is actually the opposite, when it comes to the evening shows, most competitors look better due to having food in them and then are relaxed.

Following my tanning and eating, I went to get my hair and make up done by my close friend. We had such a laugh due to my super dark face! Check out this photo of us all

We then left and headed to the Alban Arena for check in. Once I arrived I soon felt more comfortable with a lot of other people tanned up like me! All of my family began to arrive and we have a proper little #TeamKim!


I then went backstage and from there it all went so fast! We were called up for the prejudging following being glazed/shined and pumping up. I had a real stupid moment of trying to take a sip of water and pouring the water down myself… Causing a nice white line on my tanned stomach!!! But I had to just go on stage and hope no one would notice. The prejudging was really nerve-racking, I could hear my family and friends going mad bless them, it was lovely having their support. The prejudging consisted on quarter turns and then the compulsory poses, they all went fairly well and my family said I smiled more than anyone (definitely a big nervous cheesy grin!!).

A few hours later we went back in for the evening show, after touching up my streaky abs, I was ready to go! I performed my 60second routine to Imagine Dragons ‘Radioactive’, I kept it simple with just doing my favourite poses. We then all came back onstage for a final pose off and the awards. Unfortunately I didn’t place in the top 3 at the comp, I was disappointed not to place, but I was so proud that I had even got on stage and really loved the whole experience! Although I didn’t place on the day, two days after the competition I found out that the results were amended and I have been awarded 3rd place! I am so pleased!

I would like to thank everyone for the continued support throughout my prep for this event. A big thank you to Deluxe Nutrition for keeping me fuelled throughout my prep, definitely gave me the edge I needed. I can’t wait to come back bigger and better next year. Bring on an off-season working on the weak areas and making those vital improvements in order to win next time!

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