One week until my first show – with Kim

So I have finally reached the last week of my competition preparation, this has come around so fast!

I have made a few changes since my last blog, due to this being my first ever show, I decided it would be good to get advice from an experienced competition coach. 6 weeks ago I attended a BNBF Southern posing class which is put on by the federation (for anyone looking to compete, I highly recommend the BNBF as they are a non-profit organisation and put a lot of effort into the shows). During one of the meets I met a BNBF Champion Nick Openshaw (owner of BodyBionics). After seeing how shocking and awkward my posing was, I thought it would be best to bring him in to help me!!! I cannot believe how hard posing is! I definitely underestimated this part of my preparation. He has now been assisting me with the closing 4 weeks of my prep with weekly meets and nutrition updates.

Throughout these past 3 weeks, my diet has remained fairly similar to before, however rather than the more flexible method of hitting macros, Nick sends me exactly what to have every few days. This has been far more strict than I am used to, however I actually like the consistency and having the regular alterations and support. I have managed to drop 8 pounds in weight since I start with him, this is no crazy ‘carb cutting’ diet. I am eating mainly carbs (in every meal) with a good balance of fats and proteins. My calories have been dropped slightly along this time, but I never feel drained or depleted even this close to the show!

My training has remained fairly similar, although I have dropped cardio to just 2 sessions per week (nothing strenuous) as I am achieving the results just through nutrition (I hate cardio so this makes me VERY happy!!). The main thing I have had to work on are my legs, although I have the size there, I do hold my body fat around my glutes and tops of my hamstrings. I have now managed to bring this right down with the use of body weight training at high reps. The 3 main exercises I have used for this area include:

• 4 x 40 reps of Alternate Reverse Lunges: squeezing glutes to propel back up
• 4 x 15 reps of RDL Pulses: at the bottom, pulse the movement 3-4 times to really stretch
• 4 x 12-15 reps of Glute Kickbacks: bodyweight on a bench, squeezing my glutes for 4s at the top
• 4 x 15 reps (each leg) Single Leg Press: on the leg press, bringing the plate as close as possible

Although it may not sounds much, this has really worked along with a strict diet to bring this area out compared to what it was.

I know I may not be in the best condition possible for this show, but I am super proud of how far I have come and how dedicated I have been, I look forward to seeing how my first one goes! If I enjoy this one, then bring on next year!!! I will be updating you all after the show and sharing my photos from on stage.

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