Training Update – with Kim

Hi everyone – here is a little update for you in regards to my prep for my first competition!

So I’ve hit the 10 weeks out point! I am now half way through my prep and getting closer to that epic cheat meal the day after (nutella waffles from Creams are calling my name).

Training is going really well and nutrition is now very strict. I had my stats taken at the 12 week out point by my coach at JW Training, this showed a 2.2% reduction in body fat over 8 weeks. This is well on track and I’m really pleased so far! I am now at 15% body fat and aiming for the 12% mark by the time I complete, with a loss of 1% each month this is a very achievable rate. The category I am in requires you to be athletic but still remaining feminine with a softer look, so I don’t want to cut down too drastically at this point, I am aiming for the slow and steady approach.

My nutrition is now at a 15% calorie cut and will continue to cut to a maximum of 20% before I begin carb cycling to really kick start the fat loss in the closing weeks. I am now training weights 6 days per week (with the same routine as my previous blog) and have upped my cardio so I am often training twice a day to fit this in. I am lucky to have a small amount of fat on my stomach, but I tend to hold the most around my glutes and hamstrings, so this is a main focus for my training to get the definition out in this area. I have become very good friends with the spin bikes and stair master! Well, it’s most of a love-hate relationship, I hate doing it but I love the results!

I will be at BodyPower alongside the rest of Team Deluxe in Birmingham this weekend, I really can’t wait for this awesome event! Be sure to come and say hi to use at stand Q98. I look forward to meeting some of you!

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