The UKBFF Nationals – with Perry

As some of you may know, I competed in the UKBFF Nationals over the weekend in Leicester.

I would like to start off by saying well done to those who competed and to those who won their respective classes. You all looked incredible!

I had such a great time competing in the UKBFF, this was my first time competing with this federation and it was a massive eye opener for me as to just how high the standard of physiques are.

Here’s a little insight to how my show day went:

After not getting much sleep due to my body getting rid of the water, I was up early and ready to get some carbs in me before making the drive from London to Leicester. As soon as we arrived at the venue for the 11am registration I looked around and could see a few well known faces and immediately thought it was going to be a really good show.

Registration and weigh in were first on the agenda, I was bang on 80kg as planned so felt very happy with that. Next up was tan time! It’s a bit of an odd experience getting tanned up for a show, the colour is definitely more tangoed than natural bronze but this is vital as the stage lights are so bright, and you need this to show off you’re hard earned physique in the best possible way.

Big thank you to Cheryl from ProGlow for my tan on the day – excellent tan and great service, if you’re competing anytime soon I would certainly recommend them.

So at the point, my tan was on and I had time to relax until my class was on. I competed in the Men’s Physique Short Class, which along with Bikini, is probably the most popular so they like to save this until towards the end of the day so plenty of people stay to watch!

Throughout the day, I snacked on rice cakes as these fill you up, I also sipped a little water but tried to keep fluids to a minimum to keep the dry and full look I was going for on stage. There was a lot of waiting around as it wasn’t until 6.30pm that my class got called to go and pump up, then the nerves started to kick in a little!

I pumped up using some resistance bands and my favourite Jelly Babies – I’m very hungry by this point so these went down a treat! I remember looking round at the other competitors and was amazed at the size and condition some of the other guys had, but never the less I was ready for the stage.

perry comp

The posing was a lot tougher than I had imagined and it took the judges a while to make the comparisons as it was such a big class. After what felt like holding poses for hours the judges announced that they would call back the top 15. Waiting backstage hoping they would call my number was a bit nerve racking! When I heard them call my number “125” I was over the moon, as the standard was so high.

They took us through call outs meaning more posing so that they could finally make their top 3 decision. Unfortunately I didn’t place top 3 but I was buzzing to have made top 15 alongside some unbelievable physique and well-known names. I felt I had brought my best condition to date so I had no regrets.

Apart from having a great day, show day has motivated to come back bigger and better! Time to get to work on those weak points and bring a better package to the stage next time.

Massive thank you to my Deluxe Nutrition family for supporting me every step of the way. I really couldn’t ask for better support behind me!

Also – don’t forget to pop by and see Team Deluxe at the BodyPower Expo this year!

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