Protein shakes are here to stay!

For those of us whose lives are busy with work, childcare, and other daily chores, ensuring that your diet is meeting your daily needs can be a struggle, and is often not as much of a priority as other day-to-day tasks.

But there is a solution – and it might not be what you expect.

The idea of filling a shaker with heaping scoops of protein powder is something that many of us might be familiar with: if you don’t know a budding bodybuilder personally, there’s a strong chance you’ll have seen it advertised in the windows of Holland and Barrett, or even in magazines.

When it comes to our bodies, there’s so many trends in style, diet, and exercise, that it’s often so difficult to know the best way to treat yourself and your health. Will Atkins help you get the perfect summer body? What about cutting out wheat, gluten, sugars, carbs? Will it give you more energy, clearer skin, better health?

The BBC certainly see how this obsession with our bodies is affecting the nation’s habits, as they showed this week in ‘Young, Welsh and Pretty Skint’, following a group of teens and twenty-something’s as they chased that elusive ‘perfect’ look.

Using the gym for hours every day, and supplementing their diets with various supplements, it was clear that the way these young people looked was, for them, paramount to anything else.

However, while some people choose a lifestyle of perfecting their features and physiques, others use the same tools for a very different reason.

The supplements used by bodybuilders are, for the most part, simply an extension of a healthy diet.

While the recommended daily intake of protein is 46 grams for the average sedentary woman, and 56 grams for the average sedentary man, it can sometimes be slightly difficult to ensure that we are eating the recommended amount of protein each day.

Using just one scoop of protein powder in a shake or smoothie can add an average of 20g of protein to your daily intake.

It may not come as such a surprise, then, to hear that many people are using these supplements not to build their bodies fit for competition, but simply to ensure that their bodies are receiving the right amount of protein.

Proteins hold a vital role in our body’s functions: there are thousands of different types of protein used by our body, which carry out tasks such as repairing damaged tissue, controlling the rate of chemical reactions within the body, giving strength to your hair and your nails, even fighting off infections – protein really does do it all, and this is why it is so important to ensure that your diet is providing you with enough of it.

The most protein-rich foods include meat (lean beef has 36g of protein per 100g), fish (26g protein in 100g salmon), beans (17g protein in 100g mature soy beans), cheese (32g protein in 100g non-fat mozzarella) and nuts (33g protein in 100g mixture of pumpkin and watermelon seeds, peanuts, and almonds).

While these are foods that may be accessible in lunch and dinner menus, these are slightly more difficult to work into a convenient breakfast before the day starts – however, there’s a simple alternative: use a scoop of protein supplement worked into a light breakfast – this won’t only give you a kick start to the day, but will stave off hunger for longer, meaning less snacking throughout the day!

A simple smoothie with just one scoop of protein powder, some milk, and a few handfuls of fruit, can give you a quarter of your daily recommended protein intake, as well as up to three of your recommended five fruit and veg portions per day – in one simple drink!

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Protein supplements should only be used in conjunction with a healthy diet.

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