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Hello again, below is a little insight into my preferred ‘pre workout’ supplementation and what I’ve now found to work best for me.

If you are like me and have been training for a number of years, I’m sure you will have tried almost all the different pre workout supplements on the market! Some will give you a great energy boost and some give you those insane pumps that we all love.

The disadvantage with pre made supplements is that they are made for one size fits all, which depending on your tolerance may not suit you, or be optimal for your needs and goals.

So I’ve found that by buying the ingredients to make my own not only tailors it to my needs, but lasts a bit longer and is cheaper in the long run.

It’s lucky for me that Deluxe Nutrition have invested time into producing the key quality ingredients for making a powerful and efficient pre workout.

Here’s how I make my pre workout!

AAKG Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate Powder:
2 x 3g scoops for a great pump!

Beta-Alanine: 1 x 5g scoop seems to be a good starting point with this, it’s great for increasing strength endurance. Beware of the tingles when taking an increased dose!

Caffeine Tablets: 1 x 200mg tablet is enough to give you a good kick and give you that boost. I only add caffeine if I’ve had a long tiring day and feel I need that bit extra – you don’t want to become too dependent on it.

D-Ribose Powder: 1 x 5g scoop. D-Ribose its a great supplement for increasing recovery and helping restoring the body’s ATP stores.

If you goal is to put on a little extra size I would consider adding 5g of Creatine Monohydrate – will increase cell volume and aid in recovery.

So those are my go to components for my pre workout drink, not only with Deluxe do I know I’m putting the best stuff in my body to allow me to perform optimally but I can tailor it to my tolerance levels and also adapt with how I’m feeling on the day. This method is also much more cost effective in the long run.

I hope this has been helpful – BodyPower Expo is just weeks away so don’t forget to stop by and see Team Deluxe!

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