NAGA Competition Update – with Wayne

This weekend our Ambassador Wayne Johnson competed in the North American Grappling Association (NAGA) competition at Crystal Palace in London.

So Wayne tell us a little about NAGA and what did it mean to you to reach the finals of this competition?

Well NAGA is the largest submission grappling association in the world with over 200,000 participants world wide, including some of the top submission grapplers and MMA fighters in the world. It was the first time I had competed in this prestigious event and to reach the final in my first event was really great.

You have only held your Purple Belt for 5 months and already you are picking up medals at all of the competitions you have entered. You must be happy with that?

Yes I never thought I was ready to be promoted to purple belt, but now that I have reached 3 out of 3 finals in the competitions that I have entered I can see that I am of that level. I am still hunting my first purple belt gold medal though and I’m getting closer so hopefully it will come soon.

How much training do you do in a typical week to help you prepare for competition?

Monday to Friday I train Jiujitsu everyday, working on positioning and sparring. My routine is usually 07:30-08:30 jiujitsu before work and then I try and get a gym/cardio session in after work. If I still have enough energy I will do another jiujitsu session 20:00-22:00. On a Wednesday I will do road running between 10-15k

What is next for you? What competitions do you have planned?

I think the next competition I will be entering is the British Nationals planned for June at Crystal Palace. I have been fighting Middleweight in the last few comps but I am going to be working hard to cut the weight, getting lean and entering at Lightweight in order to be the best I can be when I step on the Mats.

So what will you be doing differently in training to help you stay lean?

Well I will continue with as much mat time as I can ensuring that I spar as much as possible to condition myself to the fitness needed for Jiujitsu but I will also adjust my diet and be using Deluxe supplements to ensure I’m refueling adequately. As well as all this I will add this small cardio routine into my training;
1. Sprint 3 times at highest treadmill speed for 45 seconds with 15 second breaks in between.
2. Jog half that speed for 20 mins
3. Finish off by sprinting again this time; 4 times at highest treadmill speed for 45 seconds with 15 second breaks in between.

You’ve been a brand ambassador for Deluxe Nutrition for a couple of years now. Do you have any other particular goals for 2015?

I’d like to have a super fight at some point this year. The submission only structure to these events makes them very exciting and is great for jiujitsu. There are not many promotions that run them at the moment so the opportunity to fight only falls to the best.

And finally, we will be seeing you at Bodypower?

Yes I will be at Bodypower on the Friday and most of Saturday this year. I had a great time last year speaking with everyone and am this year looking forward to meeting up with the other guys at Team Deluxe!

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