Competition Countdown Update From Kim

Four weeks down, sixteen to go!

Over the past four weeks, training has gone really well. Nutrition has been very strict and I’ve just started introducing cardio back in. I am on track with 3.2lbs of weight loss so far, I am yet to redo my body stats but I’m feeling a lot leaner already.

I started to plateau on my progress after the first two weeks, therefore I am now on a 10% calorie cut. This will then be increased to a maximum of 20% before any carb cycling starts. The key to weight-loss is doing everything at a steady pace, just change one thing at a time, e.g. up your cardio, slightly cut calories, increase intensity of training. I am now doing an additional two sessions of cardio, for this I usually tend to do fasted sessions in the morning so it’s out of the way (I’m not a cardio fan!). Sessions are around 30 minutes and will either be jogging, cross trainer intervals, stair master or cycling intervals.

Training for weights has remained fairly similar to my previous blog, although last week I trained agonist/antagonist opposite muscles to change things up slightly. Doing this enables you to hit certain muscles more than once a week. This is what my weeks training looked like:

• Monday: Shoulders & Abs (+ Cardio)
• Tuesday: Back & Legs (Hamstrings & Glutes)
• Wednesday: Chest & Biceps
• Thursday: Shoulders & Abs (+Cardio)
• Friday: REST
• Saturday: Legs (Focus- Quadriceps & Calves)
• Sunday: Back & Triceps

On a Tuesday I now train at University in a high performance gym, therefore, I make the most of the equipment available and train on the big compound exercises which I feel focus on both my back and hamstring/glutes. Exercises include: deadlifts, pull ups, lunges, bent over rows, RDLs, lying leg press, Nordics, hip thrusts, etc.

I feel this session really gets the heart rate up and works a large variety of muscles. It’s safe to say it definitely wakes me up before a day of lectures!

Look out for my next update soon.


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