Starting the competition countdown – with Kim

This week I started my 20 week countdown to my first competition!

I am competing in the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation (BNBF) ‘Miss Figure’ category on the 19th July in St. Albans.

I met with my coach from JW Training on Monday and we’ve set a plan for the competition, I’ve started my macros at my basic rate, then I will gradually alter this as it gets nearer.

I have kept training the same and will only introduce extra cardio if my progress begins to plateau (which I’m very pleased about as I hate doing cardio!).

My current weights training is based over a 6 day split:

  • Monday: Shoulders & Triceps
  • Tuesday: Legs (Focus- Quadriceps & Calves)
  • Wednesday: Back & Chest (High Energy Compounds)
  • Thursday: Shoulder & Arms (Heavy Abs Session)
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: Legs (Focus- Hamstrings & Glutes)
  • Sunday: Back & Biceps

With rest I am currently having around 1minute between sets, but this will decrease as the intensity of my sessions increases. I do a little bit of cardio twice a week and then train abs 2-3 times, with 1 heavy weighted session and 1-2 lighter ones.

I currently weigh in at 65kg and 17% bodyfat, we aim to get this down to 10-12% with a gradual loss of 1lb of weight a week. I aim to be ready by 4 weeks out and then just maintain this leading up to the day.

Thank you for reading my blog, keep a look out for an update on my training and progress next time!


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