Lee’s Low Carb Bedtime Pancakes

If you’re looking for a tasty low carb snack, then read on! Our ambassador, Lee, shares with us his recipe for low carb bedtime pancakes.


– 7 eggs
– 30g vanilla Deluxe Nutrition Casein
– Dash of french vanilla stevia
– Water
– Frylight olive oil spray
– Waldens Farm calorie-free pancake syrup


Crack 7 eggs, discarding the yolks, into a jug and then add 30 grams of vanilla Deluxe Nutrition Casein, followed by a dash of french vanilla stevia.

Then use a whisk to mix it all together, whilst adding a small amount of water to thin the mix, which will make it easier to pour.

Pre heat a frying pan and add a spray of frylight olive oil spray.Then pour the mix into the pan and gently tilt the pan in a circular motion to spread the mix around the pan to form a pancake.

When you see the top of the pancake start to bubble, use a spatula and flip the pancake to cook the opposite side. Once cooked on both sides, place the pancake onto a plate and continue using the rest of the mix.

Once all the pancakes are made, enjoy a topping of Waldens Farm calorie-free pancake syrup.

The pancake is then done and ready to eat!

Total Calories: 222
Fat: 0.3
Carbs: 2.4
Protein: 47.5

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