How to prep for a big competition – with Perry

So the time has come to show off that hard work in the gym!!!

So now you have hopefully had a successful “off season” and now it’s time to get shredded.

If you are you are getting ready for a bodybuilding, fitness or men’s physique show or even just to get that beach body, you can apply the same principles.

Over the next few months I will share with you my methods to getting into the best shape you possibly can whilst I get ready for my upcoming show in April and without going on the old fashioned chicken and broccoli “bro diet ” .

So getting started:

The first step I take when prepping myself for a show is to start off with the highest caloric intake as possible! So for me, the best thing is to just start off where my bulk finished which at the minute is around the 3,200cal mark.

Now it’s time to plan the next 12 weeks. For me I personally hate to do cardio, so will plan to hold that off for as long as possible, I tend to go for an “Over Training” approach and keep my calories higher, as training is the fun part and so is eating 🙂

So my training split from weeks 1-5 will go as follows

Mon- Chest & Back ( heavy Day)
Tues- Shoulders & Arms
Wed- Legs ( Epic Session)
Thurs- Chest & Back ( Volume)
Fri- Shoulders & Arms
Sat- Active Rest ( Long Walk)
Sun- ( Sleep)

I am now currently on  2,760cals and 4 weeks in. Energy is high and training is going well.

Still holding off the cardio but will plan to factor that in over the next week or so.

Check next week to see what a days training/diet and supplement intake looks like.

Catch you soon!!!

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