Occlusion Training – with Joe Tully

I first heard about Occlusion Training last year, seeing it performed on various Instagram profiles and youtube channels. I was immediately drawn to it so i started searching the web to learn more.

What does occlusion mean:

Occlusion means “blood flow restriction”.

BFR involves restricting blood in the veins of a working muscle to increase gains in size and strength.

It sounds crazy as most of the time your goal is to pump as much blood in to the area as you can. When in actual fact you’re doing the opposite.

The goal is not to restrict blood flow to the muscle, but to prevent blood flow returning from the muscle.

How to do to it:

Get yourself a pair of knee wraps or a blood pressure cuff and tightly secure around the limb or limbs.

For example, to use BFR on quads or hamstrings, wrap the knee wraps at the top end of your thighs. This will restrict blood flow returning from the legs coursing the blood to pool.

This method of training can be used on a number of ares,

-Biceps and Triceps

-Calfs and Forearms

-Quads and Hamstrings.

To perform this on you arms you need to wrap the cuff as close to the shoulder as you can. You only need to tighten the cuff to 50%-60% of tension.

Calf and forearms are the same. As for legs, they are a much larger muscle and require more tension. So for this you will want to tighten to approximately 70%-80% tension.

Now with  20% of your 1RM you’ll do 4 sets with 30 second reps between.

set 1 – 30 reps of 20% 1RM

set 2- 15 reps of 20% 1RM

set 3 – 15 reps of 20% 1RM

set 4 – 15 reps of 20% 1 RM

Believe me it’ll get much heavier by the end.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.


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