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A tip for achieving your health goals this year.

Now that the New Year is here, there are quite a few of us who are setting various fitness and health related achievements for ourselves and if you’re reading this you are likely to be one of them.

I frequently find myself wondering how, specifically, will I reach that next PB (personal best) that I’m setting, and more importantly, what exactly will I do to ensure that every controllable factor that contributes to that goal, is met.

A lot of the time, people tend to concentrate too much on the final outcome of their goal thus only being able to see and expect that outcome on a daily basis, when the reality of the situation is that more than likely the goal they have set for themselves cannot be achieved in one day.

They work and work and work and experience no reward and eventually quit because all they can focus on is why they don’t have a six pack right NOW after a full days training, or why they can’t fit into their new dress right NOW, after 2 weeks of dieting.

I’m here to suggest that you reward yourself on a daily basis in a way that will mentally motivate you every single day .

Each day, set a goal for yourself to hit that directly relates to what you ultimately want to achieve and are working towards. Don’t focus on the final destination. Look out the window now and see your daily progress, because you are missing the amazing scenery and your motivation is suffering.

Acknowledge that you are better today than you were yesterday and emotionally reward yourself for being that much closer to your goal each and every time you do something different than before.

I guarantee you that this will keep you motivated and that you will reach your goal.

Work hard, stay humble.

Richard John Buzzard

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