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Kimberley Wallis is training to become a bodybuilder in the figure category. She lives in Berkshire and works as a personal trainer. Last year one of her colleagues suggested she try body building and she was sponsored by training company JW Training. She hopes to take part in her first show next year. In her role as an ambassador for Deluxe Nutrition, Kim compiles recipes using our products. Keep an eye out for her blogs and videos in the Kim’s Kitchen section.

Here, she answers some of our questions on her major achievements and aspirations…

What have been the proudest moments of your career history to date?

Completing my degree in sports science and being awarded a 2:1 from Roehampton University was a proud moment. It gave me the confidence to pursue my dream career and inspired me to start studying for my masters degree in Sports rehabilitation.

I’m also really proud of my dedication. I have managed to drop by body fat significantly to reach photoshoot standard. I lost 4kg of body fat in a short space of time but in a healthy and managed way.

What are your fitness plans for this next year?

I am keeping up with an intensive ongoing weight lifting and training programme to ensure I am ready to compete.

Do you have you heart set on any particular goal for the future?

I want to compete in the NPA competitions. These are competitions that promote natural bodybuilding and are strictly drugs-tested.

Which Deluxe product would you recommend to others and why?

I have a great time experimenting with Deluxe products for my role in Kim’s Kitchen. I put together a new recipe every week and my favourites are Deluxe Nutrition 100% Protein Powder and the Deluxe Nutrition Casein Powder.

They come in a range of different flavours which means there is something for everyone.

I always have a protein shake in the morning and after training and often a casein supplement before bed. I am also a huge fan of Deluxe Nutrition’s CLAs. These help increase metabolism and fat burning.

What do you value above anything else and why?

My family and my friends but my boyfriend Andy in particular. He trains with me so understands my schedule. We spur each other on. He is a triathlete and takes part in Iron Man events too.

Which person has influenced you most in your life?

My sports idol is Jessica Ennis. She came back from an injury and went on to win Olympic medals. That sort of determination is hugely inspiring.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Don’t go for quick fixes if you want to change your diet or lifestyle. Make small significant changes and stay focused on your goals.

What is on your bucket list that you haven’t got round to doing yet?

I would love to see more of the world. It’s a big place and there is a lot to explore. I would really love to travel around Australia.

What is your perfect way to unwind on a weekend?

I like watching films and enjoying a nice dinner. I allow myself one treat a week and my favourite way to break my usual strict diet is a curry.

Not many people know this about me but….

I used to care what people think and now I don’t. I avoided telling anyone that I was training to become a bodybuilder because I was worried about what people would say. But since it came out, I have had such a wave of positive feedback I realised that it was a waste of time worrying.



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