A chinwag with…..Joe

Joe Tully is a bodybuilder from West Acton, London. He has worked as a removal man since he left high school but became interested in aspects of fitness and completed a personal training qualification which he does as a sideline.

As his body got bigger and stronger, he turned his attentions to bodybuilding and physique and in 2013 he competed in Physique of the Week at Bodypower Birmingham. Then in 2014 he took part in the UK BFF Men’s Physique competition and came third followed by the London and South East Championship, again placing third. His last competition was at the Bodypart Expo USN Classics and he was placed in the top five.

What have been the proudest moments of your career history to date?

Coming third place in London was a big deal for me. It was the first trophy I had been presented with and it was a great feeling to leave the competition taking home something for my hard work.

What are your fitness plans for this next year?

I am now starting prepare for 2015 with my off season diet. On top of this I’m currently focusing on Hypertrophy Training to gain muscle and lose body fat and that will mean I can take part in the Bodybuilding Class next year.

Do you have you heart set on any particular goal for the future?

I want to win more competitions and get placed in second or first place. Ideally I will compete in the Bodybuilding Class next year.

Which Deluxe product would you recommend to others and why?

L Glutamine Powder is my favourite product. It is extremely useful for recovery and I take it three or four times day with my protein shakes. Glutamine combats muscle breakdown so it aides the recovery of muscles after exercise.

What do you value above anything else and why?

My health. If something is not good for my health I see no reason to do to it. I stay on top of my diet and I keep an eye on my mental health too. I have to feel in tip top condition to compete – both physically and mentally.

Which person has influenced you most in your life?

My brother Perry Tully. He started to do weights in high school and I suppose it gave me the realization that if he could do it, so could I. If anyone has influenced me in career path it would be him. Besides which, although we compete in different classes, it’s nice to have a bit of healthy competition – we spur each other on.

What is on your bucket list that you haven’t got round to doing yet?

I would like to climb Mount Everest. It’s something I’ve thought about doing for a long time and I think it would be a wonderful feeling to reach the summit. I am a big fan of stretching your limits and taking on new challenges.

What is your perfect way to unwind on a weekend?

I’m afraid I’m not much of a party animal. My favourite thing to do at the moment is to enjoy some snacks and cuddle up with my girlfriend on the sofa to watch TV. We are in the middle of catching up on The Waking Dead.

Not many people know this about me but….

I can’t swim. It’s a strange thing for an athlete to admit but there you go. I tried to learn at school but never got past stage one. I splash far too much and can’t keep afloat!


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