Kim – my progress and my goals

At the beginning of this year I begun a lifestyle change to test myself and see how dedicated I can be with my training. This was following 3 years of a ‘party and pizza’ diet at University.

I have always been interested in competing in a body building show, but I felt this was completely out of reach and I never knew if I could have the dedication for this sport. Being a Personal Trainer myself, I felt it was important to show you ‘practice what you preach’ so I started training and created my own nutrition plan at the start of 2014.

I noticed changes pretty quickly and it became clear that my body suited the athletic look I was aiming for. Although I was training hard, nutrition was always my weaker area, mainly due to not knowing enough!

With training going so well, I felt I needed that extra push and decided to book a photo-shoot in September of this year, that gave me 10 weeks to get in my best shape.

I contacted Joe at JW Training, a fitness company I work for, and asked for some advice on nutrition to try and give me the edge I needed. When meeting with him, he set me my macros (intake goals) and took my body composition (at that time it was 17.4%).

Once I began tracking and taking my nutrition to the next level, I noticed improvements in my physique almost instantly! I began to consistently drop pure body fat at the rate of approximately 0.5kg per week and putting on lean muscle mass.

Following this, Joe offered me sponsorship with JW Training to compete next year. I started training with him on a weekly basis and tracking my progress through progress photos he would take at the end of each session. Alterations were made to my diet after we sat down and reviewed my progress week-to-week.

At this time I also began representing Deluxe Nutrition, their supplements helped to take me to the next level, I would recommend them to anyone! I supplemented daily with DN Protein (every morning and after training), DN CLA, DN multi-vitamins, Udos oil and L-Carnitine.

This was one of the hardest things I have ever done; training twice a day, cutting calories, fighting food cravings, preparing all my meals and ensuring I could eat every 3 hours on the dot! I didn’t cheat once on the diet and even had to pre-plan what I would eat if we had to go to restaurants, it became addictive!

After a full 8 weeks of strict dieting I managed to prove to myself that I was able to commit and show serious dedication. Unfortunately, the photos were cancelled due to a booking issue, but I have the progression photos taken by Joe to look back on and to keep me motivated for my next goals in 2015!

Although I didn’t have the photos, so many opportunities came out of this process. The best being the amount of support received from everyone, I was told by many people that I was now ‘their motivation’, this is such an incredible feeling to know you’re helping others.


At the moment I am currently working on the areas which were clear weaknesses in my physique during my off-season training. I am back up to following my baseline macros, unfortunately the abs are slowly disappearing over winter, but it’s important to understand you can’t be in that shape all year round, your body needs the off season to adjust and make the necessary changes to come back better the following year.

I am now aiming to book a shoot for March next year and compete in September/October in my first Natural Figure Competition with the help of Deluxe Nutrition & JW Training- I can’t wait to represent these amazing brands!

Look out for more of my blog updates about training and nutrition, thanks for reading!


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