IPF World Championships

Team Deluxe Ambassador, Michael Ferguson blogs about his time at the IPF World Powerlifting Championships:

“We arrived in Potchefstroom in the North-West of South Africa (75 miles from Johannesburg) on the Sunday night after a hefty day of travelling. For the first time in years, I really didn’t know what to expect when it came time for me to compete in a couple of days’ time. I reflected on how my training had gone in the lead up. Having had to accept and deal with the hip injury that had been hindering my progress for 10 weeks prior was a sobering thought when facing the standard of lifting on the world stage.

I wished things had been different and I wished I hadn’t lost that precious momentum in training before the Scottish Juniors Comp in early April. My numbers were peaking at the highest they had ever been for that until the setback – paused 200kg in the squat, up to 2×3@200kg in the squat, 210kgx4 deficit deadlift etc… But no, the worst injury I have had in my lifting career had to surface before the biggest comp of my life…not to be dramatic. But it is what it is, and I had accepted it. Regardless of my situation and me moaning like a 5 year old during this review, I really could not wait to don the Great Britain singlet and compete alongside the cream of the crop athletes of different nationalities for the first time.

Competition Day

Up early at half 4 in the morning for the shuttle bus at 5am to the venue, packed up, weighed in at 6am at 72.3kg (74kg class), ate and took my painkillers for the comp – 3 voltarol, 2 ibuprofen and 2 paracetamol (I do not recommend this). This, coupled with the adrenaline, I had hoped would see me through. We started warm ups and then it was time to step forth to the platform at 9am..attempts went as follows –

  • Squat – 170kg / 190kg / 200kg (no lift – hip crunched on ascent)
  • Bench Press – 112.5kg / 117.5kg (Comp PB) / 120kg (no lift)
  • Deadlift – 222.5kg / 232.5kg / 235kg
  • Total – 542.5kg

Placing(s) – 8th Place (of 9 lifters) overall with 8th place squat, 8th place bench and 6th place deadlift.

Check out the video of it all:

And that was it…it was over. My worst total in a long time due to the circumstances (25kg off my best). Though, the experience was huge for me, seeing the standard of lifting I needed to strive for, even when injury-free was a massive revelation for me. But it pained me greatly to see my weight classes’ final results – the Bronze medal squat was 212.5kg – something I had done way before injury and the Bronze medal deadlift was 245kg – something I was 2.5kg off way before injury. These things coupled with the cold hard fact that I am a Senior next year (where the standard rises) are the things I am still hurting about. But it’s time to push on – heal up, get smarter and put in the time again.

Hats off to all the people I met from all the different countries at perhaps the biggest powerlifting comp ever (500 competitors over the week) – USA, New Zealand, Australia, Belarus, Sweden, Canada etc etc…without you all the week wouldn’t have been anywhere near as enjoyable for me. Congrats to the people that beat me, you certainly deserved to. Finally, thank you to all the support from friends, family, Helping Hands Therapy and of course, Deluxe Nutrition. Maybe in a couple of years I can get a medal at a World Championships but until that time, its nose to the grindstone.”

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