My supplements and me – what do they mean to you?

Leading nutrition and supplements company Deluxe Nutrition is launching a nationwide drive to increase awareness of the role that supplements can play in a healthy lifestyle.

The company wants to educate people that supplements can be used by everyone, not just serious athletes or those who want gain or lose weight.

Matt Hickman from Deluxe Nutrition said: “Anyone can take supplements as part of a healthy diet, they don’t have to be in training. We know of lots of people who take supplements to help with health issues, or simply just to make sure they stay healthy and their body gets what it needs to function properly.

“Of course supplements are essential for those who do serious exercise and who are trying to get the most out of their bodies, but we want to take away the stigma associated with them and educate people that they can be a healthy choice.”

Supplements have suffered a stereotypical image of being associated with bodybuilders and those wanting to develop muscle, and with those looking to get ahead of their competitors, but the aim of the campaign is to enhance their reputation as being a positive addition to a healthy diet.

Matt continued: “We’re going to be asking a cross-section of our customers and the general population to tell us about their use of supplements and how it affects their lives for the better and we’ll be publicising the results.”

Joanne Atkinson from Durham started using a supplement called D-Ribose when she heard that it would help her ME symptoms. She said:

“I’d literally tried everything and was suffering with blackouts and the lack of energy, so when I saw the reviews of D-Ribose I knew it was worth a shot”

“I couldn’t believe the difference it has made to my life, just by taking it twice per day mixed with my usual juice. Straight away I found myself being able to keep up with the kids and I noticed a big difference in my overall disposition, I was much chirpier and certainly wasn’t feeling tired all the time. “


Joanne uses D-Ribose Powder

“I would definitely say that it made a considerable difference to my life and would recommend it to anyone who suffers from ME symptoms. It’s easy to add to your daily routine and you’ll definitely reap the benefits.”
Joanne Atkinson


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Deluxe Nutrition is one of the market leading brands of fitness and nutrition supplements, and supports special amateur athletes achieve their goals through supplying the right products, supporting their sporting endeavours and offering exposure opportunities through their marketing campaigns. They sell their products online all over the globe.

Deluxe Nutrition stocks everything from protein shakes, and creatine powder to endurance composites like caffeine supplements and glucose.

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