My supplements and me

Over the next few months, we at Deluxe Nutrition are going to be running a national publicity drive to raise awareness of the positive role supplements can have on your life.

The theory behind the campaign is that everyone can benefit from the use of supplements no matter their age, gender, of body needs. We are hoping to hear from our fans and customers and of course our Ambassadors about how they use supplements and the benefits they bring to their lifestyle and health goals.

The drive aims to communicate that:

  • Supplements can help you no matter what your situation or goals
  • Supplements can be part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Supplements are not just for bodybuilders or athletes but can be for every day people with health issues
  • Supplements are not scary, to be avoided, bad for your body or dangerous

Keep watching on our website, on twitter (#mysupplementsandme) and facebook and in the press for information, advice, special offers and ways you can get involved.

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