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Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Wayne tells us about his use of supplements and how they help him get the most out of his body:

As a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) fighter, I put my body through much more stress than most athletes and am more likely to discover deficiencies within my body than the average person. BJJ is a tough sport and the amount of vitamins and minerals that are lost in the body during training and competition is vast. Therefore it is important to ensure that I replenish these nutrients to ensure they are repaired and help my body grow. I use a range of Deluxe products to ensure that I get the help that I need when I need it.

Jiu-jitsu can be extremely tough on joints due to the constant pressure placed on them when defending such submission attempts like ‘arm bars’ or ‘leg locks’. To assist with the natural repair of worn away or damaged cartilage I take a glucosamine supplement. This helps with the repair and also keeps the cartilage ‘elastic’ which prevents injury when sustaining any hyper extension caused by a submission attempt.

I take a protein supplement following training sessions to help with the growth of muscles but also use it throughout the day to help with my hunger. A protein shake prior to any snacks etc. helps reduce the urge to over eat therefore maintaining my waistline. At night I will have a Casein Protein shake, not only is this a higher quality source of protein but it also has a slow release. This is particularly useful when sleeping because I am effectively fasting for the length of time that I sleep. The slow release effect will feed my body with protein throughout the night and I never wake up hungry.

Leading up to competition I am required to cut weight in order for me to fight in a division that I can be strongest at, this often means a reduction in calories during the weeks leading up to the weigh in; but in the closing few days it is necessary for me to de-hydrate my body in order to ‘make weight’. Once weighed in I take electrolytes added into a glass of water or fruit cordial to ensure that I replenish all of the electrolytes that I have lost through the weight cutting process. This ensures that I am fighting fit on the day of competition.

In addition to all of the above I take a vitamin C supplement . As I mentioned earlier, BJJ training breaks down the body a lot. Vitamin C can help with the repair of the tissues damaged during training which can alleviate the symptoms of overtraining, enabling me to continue with the preparation for competition without falling sick.

Deluxe nutrition supplies me with all of the above supplements, they taste great and all work very effectively ensuring that I am 100% ready for any opponent at any given time!

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