My supplements and me – Michael Ferguson

Our powerlifting champion Michael gives us an insight into his use of supplements:

“I use Deluxe Nutrition supplements as a powerlifter to help recover from the constant heavy daily training sessions.

Without adequate recovery I would not be able to train as much and intensely as I do day after day – I would simply not want to get back in the gym.

Using the following products I am able to enhance my physical and mental recovery from training – I use the DN 100% Protein after training, I use the DN Mass Gainer as a meal replacement or if i’m wanting to get extra calories in, I use the DN Joint Extreme to keep my tendons and joints healthy and strong and I use the DN Creatine Ethyl Ester for increased power output in training.

I would highly recommend supplements not just as a a high-level athlete but even as a casual gym-goer, they will help you achieve many goals you may have and are invaluble to sport and exercise.”

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