My supplements and me – Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray was our first Deluxe Ambassador, and is making a name for himself within the fitness modelling industry. Jamie will be representing Deluxe at the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham in May, so make sure you come along and talk to him if you have any questions about supplement use.

Here he gives us the lowdown on what he uses and why:

I use 50g 100% PROTEIN for breakfast to get a quick fix of easy digestible protein, stopping catabolism, WHEY PROTEIN is great because it’s also low in carbohydrates and fats.

I use 5g D-ASPARTIC ACID first thing in the morning, this is one of my favourite products, it helps increase muslce mass, increases strength and decreases fatigue, it also gives you an all round sense of well being.

I use 50g 100% PROTEIN for after training. This is to start the building and repairing process after I have trained. It’s packed full of amino acids which also help repair and the growth of muscle. Your body needs a quick release of easy digestible protein in order to maximise recovery. It is better to have a low fat source of protein like 100% PROTEIN to gain lean quality muscle.

I use DELUXE MICELLAR CASEIN NIGHT TIME MUSCLE RECOVERY just before bed, I use this in order to get a steady supply (up to 8 hours) of high quality protein throughout the night, ensuring my body has a sustained release of protein and amino acids whilst I am sleeping.

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