Meet Wayne

Name: Wayne Johnson

Location: Camden, London, United Kingdom

Occupation: Firefighter (London Fire Brigade)

Fitness goal: To put BJJ on the map as a well established sport in England by winning a World Title.

Accolades and achievements:

  • Dorset And Hants Open 2013- Lightweight Champion
  • Tuff Grappling Challenge 2013 – Lightweight Champion
  • Chelmsford BJJ Open 2013 – Lightweight Champion
  • Bournemouth BJJ Open 2013 – Lightweight Silver Medalist
  • Brighton BJJ Open 2013 – Lightweight Bronze
  • London International Open IBJJF 2013 – Lightweight Bronze
  • London International Open IBJJF 2013 – Absolute Bronze

What Deluxe Nutrition supplements do you take to aid your fitness regime?

100% Whey Protein, Deluxe Casein, CLA 100, Electrolyte Pro

What are your fitness plans for 2014?

To compete in as many BJJ competitions as possible including the BJJ British Open in Birmingham, and the World Proffesional JiuJitsu Trials 2014

What advice would you like to give to Deluxe fans?

The best advice I was ever given was that a Black Belt is just a White belt who never gave up. So I would say put the time and effort into your chosen sport and the results will follow. Never Give up!

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