Meet Michael

Name: Michael Ferguson

Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Occupation: Renewables Researcher

Fitness goal: World Powerlifting Champion

Accolades and achievements:

  • 2nd Place at the Great British Powerlifting Championships 2013
  • Broke both Scottish and British Senior Records as a Junior with a 211kg Squat, 242.5kg Deadlift and 563.5kg Total at 74kg bodyweight at the British Championships 2013
  • What Deluxe Nutrition supplements do you take to aid your fitness regime?
  • 100% Protein, Joint Extreme MSM, Caffeine Tablets, Mass Effect Weight Gainer, Creatine Ethyl Ester tablets and BCAA Powder

What are your fitness plans for 2014?

This year is all about the World Powerlifting Championships in South Africa in June – taking my lifting to new heights in preparation for the highly competitive World stage. I hope to take a couple more British records also. Being supported by Deluxe and their products will greatly aid in these goals for 2014.

What advice would you like to give to Deluxe fans?

Throughout my 4 and a half years of training I have been conscious of three things that have really remained infallible – simplicity, consistency and intensity. Keep things simple – the longer I have trained the more I have found that I have made the most progress when I stopped trying to overcomplicate the training process. Keep consistent – probably the most important one – stay patient and results will come over time, everyone knows the old ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ story.. Make training intense – train hard with determination and drive. These three things can apply to almost any sport.

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