Meet Megan

Name: Megan Davies

Location: Norfolk, United Kingdom

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Fitness goal: To continue challenging my fitness ability with a variety of worldwide endurance races throughout the year

Accolades and achievements:

  • Completed the 167-mile ‘Grand to Grand Ultra’ in September 2013
  • Ran the London and Edinburgh Marathon as well as the half marathons in Tunbridge Wells and Colchester in 2013

What Deluxe Nutrition supplements do you take to aid your fitness regime?

100% Protein and Electrolyte Pro

What are your fitness plans for 2014?

Currently I have signed up for the 200km ‘Bhutan – The Last Secret’ race in May and I am looking to compete in a similar race in November which will take place in Cambodia.

I do also intend to complete some events closer to home including the Rock Solid race in Exeter at the end of March.

What advice would you like to give to Deluxe fans?

Even when things get tough – don’t give up. Endurance racing is as much a mental challenge as it is physical.

I’ve visited some amazing places thanks to my running, so it’s nice to reap some rewards from the tough training.

Find Megan on

Twitter @DaviesMegs

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