Life without Ribose!

Joanne Atkinson is a ME sufferer who has started using our D-Ribose to help with her symptoms. Today’s update is on life without the supplement.

“So I’ve not being using D-Ribose for about a week and a half now, and to say I’m missing it is an understatement.

I’d been taking it regularly (twice a day in juice) and it had been making a real difference to how I was feeling in general. I had completed all of my shifts at work without a problem and even had the energy to get all of my Christmas shopping done and wrapped. And I knew I could rely on it for a quick boost if I was feeling weak, or if there was an event coming up that I needed energy for.

I really could have done with some at the weekend when my son fell ill on a family trip, I felt completely drained, although I didn’t have any blackouts or funny turns.

I’ll be definitely replenishing my stock in time for Christmas when it’s going to be invaluable to me.”

I’ll be back with an update after Christmas!


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