UK men are going to great lengths to achieve the body beautiful, with a surge in the sales of both protein shakes and male grooming products on the rise.

New figures from Euromonitor show sales of products to help men achieve a muscly physique, such as protein drinks, bars and supplements, have grown from £73 million in 2007 to £170 million in the UK 2012.

One sports nutrition company, Deluxe Nutrition, has seen its own turnover double in three years with sales figures this year an average of 692% higher than their equivalent months in 2012.

Meanwhile new research by the Co-operative Pharmacy has revealed that while 44% of men think protein formula is a good way to boost their physique, 53% also admits to using beauty products such as fake tan, exfoliant and moisturiser to improve the appearance of their skin.

Matt Hickman, a former athlete and owner of Deluxe Nutrition said the change in attitude was largely due to celebrity culture.

“Style icons like David Beckham and Jonny Wilkinson openly take care of themselves so it is becoming more acceptable as a man to take greater pride in your appearance,” he said.

“Whether through protein supplements and gym workouts or using a range of beauty products, large numbers are now experimenting in a bid to get the perfect look.”

Sarah Dumbill from the Leisure Team at Ufford Park, Suffolk, added: ‘Protein shakes seem to have become ‘the norm’ and part of the routine for men – we have noticed some even have their shakes with them when they come to use the gym facilities here”2

Sales of male beauty products in the UK have risen by a third in five years while sales of male skincare products have increased by 900%.

Daryl Gritton, duty manager at Atlantic Health and Spa in Sudbury, said he had seen a surge in the number of younger men asking for treatments such as waxing and eyebrow plucking as well as fake tan application.

He said: “It is definitely a generation thing. Our older clientele are not as concerned by male grooming but the younger ones are much more metrosexual in their approach.

“It’s certainly something I have done myself – after all there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best.”

Head Therapist, Anna Hasslewood from Ufford Park Woodbridge Hotel, Golf & Spa said: We have definitely seen an increase in males booking for treatments, in particular, for eyebrow shaping and waxing. It also seems to have become more popular for couples to come and use the spa facilities together, whereas a few years it would have just been seen as something for the ladies to do, so we personally have definitely seen an increase of men’.

Later this month designer Tom Ford is launching a make-up line solely for men.

The craze for foundation, eyeliner and mascara for the male market has taken off after both Johnny Depp and Bradley Cooper were photographed in full make-up and heartthrob Harry Styles, of One Direction, was pictured wearing lipstick to the band’s film premiere.

Mr Gritton said: “It will be interesting to see if man make-up takes off but I’m not holding my breath. It is one thing waxing your chest and sipping a protein shake and quite another wearing eyeshadow.”

Deluxe Nutrition stocks everything from protein shakes, carbo-load powders and creatine powder to endurance composites like caffeine supplements and glucose. For more information on Deluxe Nutrition visit the website

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