Sports supplement business is Suffolk success story after doubling turnover in three years

A former athlete who developed a sports nutrition range to boost his performance is celebrating, after launching the brand and more than doubling turnover in the space of three years.

Matt Hickman from Ipswich, who was a successful sportsman, started experimenting with different energy supplements in his 20s to work out which would enhance his stamina and give the best results.

But when he quit competing in triathlons 10 years ago, he realised there was a gap in the market for a product which could be tailored to meet the needs of men and women in different sports.

In October 2010 he launched Deluxe Nutrition, a range of different supplements and nutrition shakes for energy boosting, muscle building, recovery and health.

And the business is going from strength to strength, with turnover figures showing a 52% increase from year one to year two, and projections of a further increase of 42% from 2012 to 2013.

2In terms of actual sales, since May this year the business is seeing figures which are on average 692% higher than their equivalent months in 2012.

Matt said: “I’m a sportsman first and a businessman second so I understand this market better than anyone. My idea for the Deluxe Nutrition brand came about because I couldn’t find a product out there to suit me.

“Other brands of sports drinks are either too expensive or tailored just to one particular sport such as body building.”

Deluxe Nutrition offers advice on the best combination of supplements to take depending on what type of exercise you are undertaking or on what your primary goals are.

Mr Hickman said: “A runner might take a different combination of the supplements to a swimmer, boxer or cyclist. Likewise if you want to build muscle, you will need a different selection of our products than if you wanted to manage your weight or work on muscle recovery.”

The company stocks everything from protein shakes, carbo-load powders and creatine powder to endurance composites like caffeine supplements and glucose.

For more information on Deluxe Nutrition visit the website

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