Deluxe Nutrition announces new sponsorship deal

Deluxe Nutrition, one of the market leading brands of fitness nutrition and supplements has announced a sponsorship deal for 2014 with physique model Jamie Gray.

Jamie, 24 from Rochdale in Greater Manchester, is relatively new on the scene, having started his fitness journey in January 2013. However he has made great strides and finished in 4th place at the UK BFF finals on 19th October in his first outing representing the Deluxe Nutrition brand.

For Deluxe Nutrition, the link up offers many opportunities for increasing brand awareness around the body fitness and bodybuilding circuit and for Jamie, who is a big fan of the products, it offers the chance to be supported by a growing brand, as well as increasing his profile.

Matt Hickman, owner of Deluxe Nutrition said: “We think Jamie will be a great ambassador for the brand. He has proved that he isn’t afraid to work hard to achieve his goals and is committed to taking care of his body. We are delighted to be supporting him in a myriad of upcoming competitions and events; promoting both our brand and products as well as hopefully celebrating Jamie’s success.”

Jamie added: “I have used Deluxe Nutrition’s products for a while and I rely on them as an important part of my training programme. I am thrilled to be able to represent them and be a brand ambassador, and hope to be able to repay their support with some competition wins and by increasing my own profile.”

On his quick transformation Jamie added: “I literally woke up one morning, set about designing a diet and training program, and I knew with my self determination and drive that I could achieve my eventual goal of competing. I proved a lot of people wrong who had doubted me, saying that it was impossible to go from extremely out of shape, into contest ready shape within 12 weeks. I literally gave everything I had, left no stone unturned and stood on stage proud as punch knowing how much hard work that had gone into it!”

Ex-triathlete Matt started experimenting with different energy supplements in his 20s to work out which would enhance his stamina and give the best results. But when he quit competing in triathlons 10 years ago, he realised there was a gap in the market for a product which could be tailored to meet the needs of men and women in different sports.

In October 2010 he launched Deluxe Nutrition, a range of different supplements and nutrition shakes for energy boosting, muscle building, recovery and health.

And the business is going from strength to strength, with turnover figures showing a 52% increase from year one to year two, and projections of a further increase of 42% from 2012 to 2013.

The company stocks everything from protein shakes, and creatine powder to endurance composites like caffeine supplements and glucose.

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