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Joanne Atkinson, 30 from Durham, has suffered with m.e symptoms for as long as she can remember, but was officially diagnosed with the condition when she was studying for her A-Levels. Joanne has regular blackouts, suffers from fatigue and has had long periods of time off work. When she read a blog post suggesting that D-Ribose might be ease the symptoms, she contacted Deluxe and we were happy to help.

Joanne photo(1)Joanne has been taking D-Ribose twice daily for a week and is already starting to reap the benefits with more energy than usual, which is making a massive impact on her life.

Today Joanne writes:

“I woke up feeling a bit rubbish this morning but I got up and had a drink with some d-ribose in it, which is now my morning routine. After just a little while I have found so much energy! I have done washing, cleaned the bathroom, tidied up, cooked for tonight and for tomorrow and now I am ready to hit the ironing! I am definitely feeling the benefits! Some days I struggle to put the washing machine on never mind the other stuff! Thank you so much for making such a big difference to my life!”

Joanne is going to keep taking the product for several weeks and write regularly about how she’s feeling. Keep checking her progress here!

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