Jason Statham Celebrity Workout

Jason Statham is famous for getting into shape for his movie roles. And the preparation for his new film, Parker, is no different. His goals are tough, but with the right workout Statham never falls short of physical perfection. He works out with ex-navy SEAL Logan Hood – and together they have constructed what might be the ultimate workout regime.


On Monday, he favors the “Pyramid Workout”. The basic concept behind this workout is that you start slow and keep building. To begin, he carries out 1 rep of each of these exercises — Push-ups, Pull-ups, Bodyweight Squats, Hanging Knee raises and Deadlifts. He then proceeds in raising the amount of reps for each, from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 then 7. The workout comes to end when 7 reps have been carried out for each exercise.


His Tuesday workout is the “Static Circuit”. This basically involves carrying out the following exercises – Flat Bench Press, Shoulder Military Press, Dumbbell Chest Flies, and Tricep Pressdowns – for 4 sets each. Each set consists of extending the arm with the appropriate weight and holding for a total of 30 seconds. There are no reps involved.


On Wednesdays, Statham likes to take part in Interval Training. This involves the Rowing Machine, Boxing, Lunging, and use of the Kettlebell. He rows for 500 metres per stretch, with 6 intervals. He will row an overall 3000 metres. Then he will rest for three minutes. He will then use a padded target to box, with five 3-minute intervals in between, followed by heavy bag, engaging in 2-minute rounds and a 1-minute session with speed bag. He will then rest for a further three minutes and carry a kettlebell for 500 yards each set with 3 intervals.


On Thursdays, lower body is focused on with additional Push-ups. He starts with 20 reps of Body Weight Squats. Upon completion, he will take a short, 30-second break and carry out 5 sets of Weighted Front Squats and 5 reps each set. He then mobes onto the Stiff-Legged Deadlift, carrying out for sets of 1 rep. Once complete, a 3-min break is necessary, followed by an appropriate number of Reverse Crunches and Push-ups.


Friday is taken up by the “Cumulative Routine”. This involves 5 Front Squats, 5 Medicine Ball Slams, 5 Rope Pulls, 10 Flat Bench Press, 10 Medicine Ball Slams 15 Pull-ups, 15 Bar Dips and warm-down.

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