Cycling Training Workout Part 1: Strength Training

Whether you’re a professional cyclist like Bradley Wiggins or Victoria Pendleton or someone new to sport, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to maximise your potential. In terms of the muscle groups used during cycling it’s quite a specialist sport and it’s important to make sure that your body is finely tuned to cope with the demands that cycling places upon it.

Whilst Wiggins and Pendleton make their money on the track, the hard work begins in the gym; honing their bodies into successful machines. Working hard in the gym can be one of the important first steps for a cyclist and to start you off we thought we’d give you a basic routine to improve your cycling specific fitness.

Part 1: Strength training for cycling

It’s generally quite a good rule of thumb to do your strength training first and follow that with some cardio. Cycling is a strenuous sport and you need to ensure that your muscles can cope with the demands you’re placing on them. Muscles used frequently in cycling include your calves, quads and hamstrings and working these muscle groups is a good place to start.


Squats are a great way to work out your whole body, but they can be particular useful in working out your legs. Get a barbell with a weight that’s comfortable for you and work on your squat technique. You’ll definitely see results and it’ll show in the increased power you’ll get in your cycling

Dumb bell step up

Get a dumb bell in either hand and simply step up a step and down, one foot after another. This will build power and functional strength in your legs that you’ll be able to use for endurance cycling.


The lunge is also designed to work out your legs. Rest a barbell on the back of your shoulders and place one foot forward, bending it to a right angle while trailing your other foot and pushing your other knee towards the floor. Change sides and repeat.

Following our workout at least twice a week will go a long way to developing the necessary muscles required to really make the most of cycling and will assist you in your cycling aims.

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