Training Program for Back (Advanced Only)


                                 Back  (Advanced)            

Warm up                                   Sets          Reps                                             

Lat pull down                                2                15                                                    

Pull ups                                         2                15                                                  


Exercise                                     Set’s          Reps                                            

Prone fly (bent over fly)             4               8-12     

Single arm row                           3               12-15

Cable cross-over                         3               8-12

T-Bar row (close grip)                4               12-15

Bent over row                             3               till failure 


When doing any exercise you need to have good form,That means a good contraction and you must have a good stance feet shoulder width apart and a neutral spine, looking in the mirror when you start off the exercise helps a lot with posture. Warm up well, never forget to warm up this will reduce the risk of injury and prep you body for exercise. Use a spotter remember it is the last few reps that get you that gain, the safes way to do that is with a spotter.

Muscles worked                         





Latissimus dorsi                          

Teres major                                    



If you want to add in something harder then try out using a drop set or a pyramid, this will fatigue the muscles a lot faster and make your workout that bit quicker. With pyramids, descending (the weight starts heavy and the reps low, gradually the weight gets less but then the reps get grater ) or

(Ascending pyramids where the weights starts light and the reps high, then the weight get heaver and the reps lower)  Ideal rest period is around (40-60) seconds depending on how hard you want to work and how many set you do. (Ideally 5 sets)  

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